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A CRM is a powerful tool that can make a difference for you

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A better way to work

Managing your business is complicated.  It's quotes, orders, emails, meetings, promises, contracts and sometimes projects and support.  

eMail is the popular place to do all of that, with the addition of a bunch of spreadsheets. 

Software packages are intended to help you, but beware!  Choose the wrong software and you get extra work.  The wrong software can lead to chaos.

Lead capture

Who is responsible for answering the emails coming in from the "contact us" form on your website?  Maybe they go to the never monitored "" mailbox?

With a CRM, your leads can be entered into the database directly from the website.  No email in between.  You can even request additional data from the visitor to better evaluate and assign the potential opportunity.  Then you can respond to their inquiry, and add them onto your Newsletter mailing list.  Click click!

Centralize email communication

Face it, email has just plain gotten out of hand.  So many different people communicate with your customers, but what are they saying?  It's all locked up in each persons email.  If a customer is upset, when do you find out?  How can you possibly keep up with everything that goes on?  

With Sugar, all emails can be centrally organized and kept with the customer information.  See what your team is saying to their customers.  

Paying money to email newsletters?

Sugar lets you build newsletter templates and send them out on a schedule.  You can send them to customers, prospects and even large lists you might purchase.

Doing this with an outside services costs you money every month, but it's included in Sugar.  Using Sugar's workflow, you can trigger automatic emails based upon specific events to timelines.  

Customer Service

Suppose you wanted to create a mailbox for customer issues or complaints?  Wouldn't it be great if you could see the complaints and also see how your staff was responding to them?  Wouldn't you want to know how many complaints come in and what they're about?  How long does it take your team to respond?  Sugar does that!

Opportunity Management

How many deals are your salespeople chasing right now?  What are the biggest?  What are the chances of success?   Are you really on top of the potential deals your people are working on?

A CRM knows!

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