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Periodically we've selected a website that is submitted by a small business owner for consideration.  The website entry that gets the most 'likes' will be the winner.

We review the website and provide ideas and recommendations for SEO improvement.  In addition, we provide the winner with a one year subscription to our SEO Analysis Report which evaluates the website visibility on search engines and compares the site to it's competition.  Recalculated every month for a full year

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Moveoneinc has a very nice web presence.  In spite of our misplaced first impression, they have multiple sites, an exceptional video library, and a wealth of valuable information usable by anyone that is planning an international relocation.  Their County Guides are award winning and offer value for both clients and any one traveling to the countries they cover.

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Victoria Cioffi is a Professional Photographer in New York.  Although her website is entirely Flash, which is not the best tool for search engine friendly sites, it offers an interesting design.

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