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Do a search online for SEO and you'll see that Google returns 269 million results.  Companies promise you the moon! Top rankings ... overnight! You can put your site at the top of every search tool ... for just $39.95.  One firm promises to put you at the top of the Google first page in 3 minutes for just $3,000 the first month and $1,500 per month after that.

It's amazing what some sites promise. What they do and how they do it is a different story. Some rely on tricks to get you to the top, for a day or two, but the search engines are pretty crafty too.  They uncover the tricks and move your site back to where it has earned it's place, or worse, they ban it for violating their rules.  No placement is much worse than bad placement on Google results.

What is the difference between SLO (sponsored link optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization) and which do you need?

We will not falsely promote a site, nor will we promise a specific position or ranking. We do promise to use standard industry procedures, specialized tools and our exceptional expertise to get your sites noticed by the search engines and to structure them for maximum exposure. We will monitor the progress and results, providing you with statistical reporting that shows the results.

We'll make it easier for potential customers to find your web site


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