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TYPO3 provides Significant Advantages that save you money

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TYPO3 is all about Flexibility

There are over 4,500 add on modules for TYPO3 that allow us to implement a specific functionality without any programming.  A few examples include:

  • Calandar and event scheduling
  • Google Maps integration
  • Site map and Google friendly site map
  • Google Analytics
  • News and Company Headlines
  • Image, Video and YouTube integration

And thousands more.  If you want to have a press kit area on your website, including a media representative login, hi res logos, and detailed company history and performance information ... we load the module for that.

Multi Language and versitility

In today's global marketplace, multi language sites are being more important.  Do you need your website to be in English and Spanish?   Maybe you also need to have Italian and German.  TYPO3 provides the basic framework in a multitude of languages, and most extensions are also.  The options for either selecting a language or recognizing language preferences are built into an extension.

Administration of content is very friendly, with different language blocks displayed side by side for easy translation.

Multiple domains

Do you have multiple domain names that need the same content displayed, but each needs to look a little different? One installation of TYPO3 can handle multiple domains, each with a different template, but share content.

Scheduled updates

Every block of content as well as every page can be scheduled to 'appear' and 'disappear' on a specific date.   If you're launching a new product, you can build the pages and have them automatically show up on launch day.  Holiday messages or special promotions are setup to run for a range of dates and then go away.

Even a specific paragraph or image could have multiple versions that appear and disappear, giving your site a constantly fresh appearance.

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