Productivity improvements go straight to the bottom line

Eliminate waste, prevent errors and reduce defects


DMAIC is an acronym for "Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control", which is the methodology for using specific data and data sets for optimization of business processes. Six Sigma methods result in consistent results and repeatable delivery.

Six Sigma, and Six Sigma Lean are all about reducing waste.  Waste is bad!  Waste can be movement of product, too much inventory, or even an inefficient operation in the middle of your production run.  

Shop Floor to Top Floor Opportunities

Whether it's simple 5S events or full Kaizen events, there are significant benefit opportunities in application of Six Sigma Methodologies.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for "Improvement", and that is exactly what this is about.

We've seen parts travel over 3 miles inside a plant before being shipped.  Or consider the Mercury Marine voyage the lower assembly makes through their world with 122 steps of which only 27 are actually production, almost 4 miles of travel, 1,496 hours and a touch by 106 people.  How can you make money doing that?

If you've always done things the way you do them now, call us.

If you want to uncover the profit that is being left on the shop floor, we can help.  If you'd prefer, we'll teach you how do it.