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We can provide a part time, transitional, short term, or virtual CIO to meet your needs

Your Business needs an Exceptional Leader for the IT Organization

  • Are you confident in your IT Organization's ability to deliver competitive advantage technologies?
  • Could now be the time to outsource much of IT and stabilize the cost? 
  • Are you still running core services, like email servers, on your own? 

The headcount doesn’t matter, nor does the technology footprint or the number of locations. Hiring us as your CIO gets you on track to a better place.  The CIO is responsible for strategy, delivery, staffing, vendors, budgets, and process.  Ultimately the CIO has to delivery business results on time and under budget.  

A 'real' CIO will leverage people, technology and tools to deliver:

  • Innovation
  • Security
  • Business process optimization
  • Digital alignment to customer needs

The case for a Solution Architect

As businesses demand better value from their IT Organizations, the need for application specific business expertise becomes increasingly important.  The answer to the ever growing business challenge is a new position that I call Solution Architect.

The position requires a combination of strong business expertise. solid technical knowledge and exceptional common sense.  

The SA must be deeply imbedded in the business, working as part of the business group in a specific segment such as Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, Finance or Warehousing.  Ideally, it's a staff level position reporting to the business leader, with a dotted line to the CIO.  As part of the team, they hear about the frustrations and challenges that their business area faces every day.  To be effective, they must be able to separate the inefficiencies from the problems, and be able to quickly determine root cause.  

When the root cause is process, they have to be capable of working with their group to identify possible process changes that will resolve the issue.

When the root cause is technology, they need to have the skill and experience to determine what technology is truly responsible, whether it's application, infrastructure, or hardware, and build a case for improvement that will resolve the issue.  

Once identified, the SA needs to be able to seek business and technical approvals, and then either execute (process) or manage the execution (technology) of the solution. 

Programming or configuration of solutions is not a requirement, but a wide range of business and technical experience better equips an SA to make significant contributions.

Let us show you how it can improve your business.

Leadership mentoring

As your organization grows and matures, one of the people that can lag behind is your IT Leader.  Regardless of his/her title, it could be very important give them a little boost.  We can come in or work remotely and help them create an assessment of the team and the technologies.  Then we'll guide them through an assessment to identify how their strengths and experience line up to the near term needs of the organization.  Finally we'll help them define technical priorities and expertise gaps that introduce risk.  We'll support them as they present these deliverables to you, giving you visibility into the potential challenges that lie ahead.  Contact us now for more information.

We will open a communication channel, ensure that everyone is speaking in recognizable terms, demystify the technology, and set you onto a path for success.

Our Deliverables will include an assessment of the team, the current technologies, skill set alignment and skill gaps for short term technology needs.

Transition IT Leadership

So your IT Leader has resigned or been terminated and now you need to find another or you've just acquired another company and you need a new IT Leader that can jump in right now.  Maybe you're in the due-diligence phase of acquisition and need an independent opinion of the state of IT.

We can provide you with Transitional IT Leadership to keep your IT group focused, but also to give you keen insight into the characteristics necessary for the team and your business.  We know IT, and have over 15 years experience as a CIO.  We can be on site or remote, but probably a mix of that is the best.  

Our deliverables, depending on timeframe and your specific needs could include an IT SWOT, Staff assessment, Technology Landscape Assessment, and maybe a desired profile for IT Leader.

Let us show you how we can accommodate your needs with an experienced IT Professional.

Virtual CIO

What is a Virtual CIO and why might you want one? First, let's look at business today. Chances are that you have offices in multiple locations, and that your warehouses and factories are also in different locations. Why does the CIO need to sit in one specific building?

Technology today enables a person to sit anywhere and work effectively with everyone on their team.  If your current technology doesn't do that, then your need for a CIO is even greater.

A Virtual CIO works with your IT and Executive teams as needed, according to the rules of engagement that you draft with us. Everything from the number of hours per week and the areas of personal focus can be specified. We work with the team to build their strengths and guide them into maturing their skills in their positions.

Each week we'll apply the time necessary to meet our commitments to you and you only get billed for the hours that are in scope for our engagement.

Part time CIO

Maybe your IT Leader is overloaded or burdened with a significantly important project.  Our Part Time CIO could be just what you need to effectively work through the situation.  We can take on the day to day operations while your current IT Leader works through the specific assignments that present the challenge.  When that effort finishes, we transition everything back.

We can provide the smooth and comfortable approach to leveling out the peaks and valleys in your IT Technology Cycle.