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Transitional IT Leadership

Leadership as a Service

Acquisition Strategy

For Investment Firms engaged in the acquisition process, or a firm that's completing an acquisition, the IT Organization is often the most overwhelming to assess.  Technology, application, network, security, telco, mobile, contracts, license and all of the other nuances that make it hard to evaluate.

We can assist in your due-diligence or perform an assessment for you at any time in the process.  You need to understand the financial implications, technology commitments, and organizational impact of changes.  We can help.  

We can help you figure out what right size means for the technology footprint and give you a detailed risk analysis of the current state.  If you want to look into the future, we can help with that too.  We can benchmark the technology against industry best practices to give you an indication of potential return.

Is it time for a Strategic Change?

Mediocre leaders produce mediocre results

  • Is your IT organization holding you back?
  • Does your IT Staff lack the skills to support the company Strategic Plan?
  • Is your IT Staff a bunch of mushrooms that don't interact with other employees?
  • Does your IT Staff resist change and stubbornly argue against being nimble?
  • Are your IT Staff assigned to the wrong projects and technologies?
  • Can anyone in your company find actionable "Information" or do they just have tons of raw data?
  • Is your IT Leader to slow at making changes that are necessary?
  • Are the changes too little and too late for the company benefit? 

Maybe it's time to step up your technology game.  Give us a call.

The hiring process

It takes time to identify the right candidate to hire as your CIO.   

The search, selection, on boarding and acclimation can take from three to over 12 months.  You could name someone as the interim, but you risk loosing them if you don't offer them the position.

Why not bridge the gap with an experienced CIO?

We can quickly put a transitional expert in place to keep your IT Organization moving forward until your new leader is in place.  We can overlap with your new leader to bring them up to speed quickly.

We can set you up for success.