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Details of Promotion

We will be writing an SEO Marketing Plan for the business / website that is selected from the entries we receive.  The winning entrant will be randomly selected on Monday February 13, 2023 at 8am EST.  The winner will be contacted by email to confirm their interest.  The winner will decide if we can include the URL of the website in our published materials or if they prefer to remain anonymous.  

Anonymous or not, the SEO Marketing Plan will be built and published gradually as we take time to explain our reasoning behind each step.  There may also be occasional comments included from the business representative.  We will publish excerpts from the SEO Marketing Plan on our Social Media accounts.  All entrants and our newsletter subscribers will receive a weekly email with the published information and additional detail.

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Fine Print:  We have limited visibility on social media and this promotion is intended to attract some attention.  If we do not receive at least 100 entries for this promotion, the closing date will be extended to February 19, 2023.

Search Engine Optimization

Excellent SEO is something that everyone wants, many “know all about”, and very few who truly understand how all the pieces and parts fit together to satisfy the Great Google Algorithm.  Yes, the GGA is the target because of the high volume of global search conducted in Google. 

The focus is on the GGA and if you want potential customers to find you on Google Search, you need to play by their rules. 

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SEO is an Art and a Science