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Chat Bots identify the leads

Use Live Chat for customer service

Fixed Price Implementation Engagement

To get you started without the worries of unknown costs, we offer a fixed fee Basic implementation for Chat and Bot.  For a fixed price of $1,000, we'll provide up to eight (8) hours of design and configuration, and up to four (4) training classes of one (1) hour each as part of an implementation of specific chat and / or bot products.  

That is enough time to get you up and running with Drift, ChatBot, LiveChat or Intercom.  We are partners of all four and we can help you choose what's best for your organization.  

Let our Bot tell you how it works and collect your info.

View a sample Contact Form and Engineering Expert Chat

A real world example of how bot can make a difference

Live Chat and Chat Bots

Stores greet you when you walk in.  If you need to find something, it's not unusual to look for an employee to ask.  It's becoming common practice to do the same on websites.

  • 41% of chat is initiated by executives
  • B2B websites need to have chatbot coverage 24x7
  • By 2020, bots will take over 85% of customer service
  • Chat benefit is 90% for customer service
  • ChatBots improve sales/marketing by over 50%

Businesses using chat bots integrated with live chat can deliver seemingly real-time service 24x7 

Conversational Commerce

Using Bot and Chat effectively

Conversational Commerce is the next big thing on websites ... and it's ready to use now!

  • Dramatically change what your website does
  • Your website should be generating real leads
  • Qualify leads and pass them to sales
  • Organize customer service by customer need
  • Use the bot lists for marketing

Bots for Sales and Chat for Service

ChatBots will provide automation and 24x7 coverage while LiveChat will keep the visitor close when they want to be.  The technology is lining up very nicely, but the challenge will be staffing the chat.  But you don't have to.

B2B companies will see huge improvements for visitors and customers, with better response times and more readily available information regardless of time of visit.  

Value beyond a 'catalog' website will no longer be dependent on office hours

In B2C environments, integrating with Facebook Messenger will allow broadcasting to your customers, even if you don't have their email.  Selective broadcast by location or other filter criteria will make it a very powerful way to interact with your visitors.