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A web site is important to your business.  It represents you to the world.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Your web site must convey your message, attracts visitors, shows up in search engines, and fits the personality of your business. It's not about glamour and glitz, but it can't be a mountain of text either. It needs to load fast and balance the four C's of our methodology.  Customer, Creative, Company, and Competition.  Read about our pageSHAPING┬« methodology.

Potential customers will use your web site to check you out and measure you against the competition. A web site needs to match the personality of your business. An artist requires a very different web presence than a construction company. The target audience expects different things.


Our focus is on you. We try to understand what you're trying to accomplish.   Does it match your business? We'll talk about your competitors, analyzing what they do and don't have on line, looking for opportunities to capitalize on the power of a web site.

We'll make your web site "sticky"

When a visitor is attracted to your page, you want them to stay and explore. But your site must entice the visitor with content and graphics that keeps them there ... thus "sticky". Your value proposition should be clear and presented in an easy to read format, with pictures and graphics that complement the topic.


You'll find a nice flair to our work but a serious focus on user experience.  It's all about the customer.  Our experience with HMI (Human Machine Interface) design let's us apply the science of action, feedback and reaction to all facets of your web centric strategy. 

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