Search Engine Optimization is the strategy of connecting all the marketing dots online to get your website ranking in Google Search.

Yes, you certainly can do SEO yourself, but first consider the opportunity cost. If you spend time doing SEO, will your business suffer? Will you miss a sale? Be good at your business first. Our business IS SEO and we are very good at it.

Some of the pieces and parts of SEO we contemplate, review, consider, evaluate and sometimes try to influence are website audit, SEO Marketing Plan, keyword research, competitor research, content audit, content research, organic traffic, organic competitors, GA, GSC, GMB, SEM, SERP, PPC, SMO, CRO, H1, H2, H3, focus, long tailed, fat headed, and that doesn’t consider the metrics, computations, ratios, direct traffic, backlinks, toxic links, disavow lists and the tools, reporting, calibration, audits, and the rest of the basic information that needs to be considered but sometimes discarded.

Not every website and every budget needs the full press of SEO techniques. One of the things a professional does is balance time, cost, reward, and opportunity before taking a step.

Shapes and Pages is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping small and mid-size businesses grow through improved organic search results.