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Extraordinarily Effective Websites

Visitor count doesn't matter ... how many leads did you get today?

A good customer experience (CX) translates to sales

  • You don't want visitors, you want leads
  • Your website must attract potential leads
  • Qualified Leads have need and interest
  • What is your website doing for you right now?

Your website must convey your desired message, attract the leads, show up in search engines, and fit the personality of your business. Most importantly it must have a method of demonstrating the value you bring to a customer.  You don't want visitors, you want leads that you can qualify and then nurture into customers.  Real opportunities.   If you're reading this, you're in the minority.  We could write about the weather forecast in South Bend and no one is likely to notice.  The bullet text matters more!

Your website needs to be a balance of fact, tease, and positive reinforcement of the result you achieve for your customer.  We must entice them to reach out and connect to you.  It's not about glamour and glitz.  It's messaging.

Your website should:
  • Be concise and well written, but very few will read it
  • Load fast because speed matters to Google and your market
  • Balance the four C's, Customer, Creative, Company, and Competition 

Potential customers will use your website to check you out and measure you against the competition. A website needs to match the personality of your business, and differentiate you from the masses. An artist requires a very different web presence than a construction company. The target audience expects different things.

Cater to your target audience.

Live Chat and Chat Bots

  • Live Chat increases customer engagement
  • Chatbots increase lead collection
  • Together they create more opportunities
  • Ask about our fixed fee implementation

Chat is the ability to have live agents available to answer questions or guide visitors while they are on your site.  If you have Customer Service staff in the office, it can be effective for real time engagement of customers and visitors, but it can be overwhelming and disruptive.

A Chat Bot adds scripting or AI to the chat.  A Bot allows visitors to get answers and guidance regardless of the time of their visit.  It can be very effective for lead qualification and as a Customer Service tool.   

View a sample Contact Form and Engineering Expert Chat

A real world example of how bot can make a difference

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a science, although some people will argue it is an art.    SEO is a byproduct of Google trying to be more effective in their search results.  Why do more people search via Google?  The answer is that they get consistently good results.  That is why Google Search resulted in the concept of SEO, or the industry of trying to out smart or even trick Google Search into putting your page higher than it might ordinarily deserve.  Ethical SEO is about structuring the content in compliance with Google rules to make it easier for Google to find. 

  • SEO is helping Google show the best results
  • A website needs to have valuable content
  • We notify Google of website changes

62.7% (April 2019) of all internet searches in the USA are done with Google, which is why most people spend their time working towards Google ranking.  Globally, Google had 90.46% (summer 2019) of all internet searches.

We understand the importance of SEO, and why being second instead of 45th is important.  It's important to us too.  It's visibility of our website to people like you.

Using the correct tools and proper structure, we can make it faster for Google to locate, identify and analyze content.  We do things right for you, so that you earn a fair spot in Google Search.  And that is how it should be.

Our Design Process

Our design process has consistently produced superior results.  We've found that guiding a client through a structured approach to definition, data collection, visualization, population and metrics evaluation will lead to a better product and greater client satisfaction.  It lets us hit the target you define.  We take great pride in that.  Our reputation is important to us, and it's part of the criteria that you use to evaluate a company to trust with your companies global image.  We take that serious.

Web Strategy

If you don't know where you're going, then any road will get you there.  

Our focus is on you, and your destination. We try to understand what you want to accomplish, and then formulate a strategic plan to get you there.  We may ask for time to fine tune your objectives if they aren't specific enough.  We want to get measurable objectives.  Your presence on line heavily depends on your objectives and customers.  Your strategy depends on your defined objectives.

So we start with defined objectives and line up step by step, what will it take?  Does the approach match your business? We'll talk about your competitors, analyzing what they do and don't have on line, looking for opportunities to capitalize on the power of a web site.

We'll discuss customers and prospects, looking to interweave their expectations and needs.  Prospects are an important part of this because we need to consider what it takes to acquire a new customer as well as what it takes to maintain a current customer.

Web Presence

Once you have an effective website, you'll need to consider the other online capabilities that will enhance your business reputation and visibility.  What do you need?  It depends.

Even if your customer base is all within a 40 mile radius of your office, you still want to be found online.  Areas of influence for effective presence include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. You might not be able to do them all, but engaging with your customer, on their favorite platform, will let them market for you.

If you are in a B2C organization, then your customer might be interested in the interaction of Facebook.  

In the B2B world, employees don't usually spend time on Facebook, but LinkedIn or Twitter might be more likely.  

If you live in a world of samples and design, then Pinterest might have great value.

It depends.