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CX has become the most important aspect of web site management

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Why the CX really matters

Customer Experience Science

As the internet continues to mature, so too do our consumers.  The massive number of sellers of every imaginable product complicates matters. Every seller has the same objective, get a customer and hang on to them.

The challenge that everyone faces:

How do you ...

  • avoid making mistakes?

  • keep your customer happy?

  • not be a pest?

  • know when you're failing?

Companies Good at CX

  • Innovative

  • High Employee Morale

Companies Bad at CX

  • Cost Cutting

  • Responsibility Avoidance

Good CX

  • Strategic

  • Customer culture

Poor CX

  • Tactical

  • Higher employee turnover

CX Mediocrity

Ho-hum: stores are like websites.  You walk in, look around, and not a clerk to be found anywhere.  Find what you want, go to the cashier and pay.  The cashier really doesn't care that you're there.  You might actualy have interupted his nap.  Still no interaction.  Leave with your purchase.

Wow!  That's a great CX!

Imagine: websites are like stores.  You arrive at a page, any page.  A customer service agent (CSA) welcomes you and offers to help.  They guide you through locating the product, and even explain the difference between the two models available.  You add it to your cart and check out.  A day after the product is delivered, you get an email from the CSA asking if the package arived on time, were there any issues inside the box, and did the product meet your expectations?  

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