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Website Design

Our Website Strategy and Design Practice works closely with your organization to create a website that matches the personality of your business and delivers real world results.

Website Design

Six Sigma

Our Six Sigma Practice applies the methodologies and tools of Six Sigma to your business as you need, working to improve efficiency, reduce waste and optimize productivity.  

Six Sigma

CIO Services

Our CIO Services Practice provides enterprise level expertise to mid-market companies, providing a method for ratcheting up your technology effectiveness.

CIO Services

Extraordinarily Effective Web Design

Our Website Strategy and Design Practice is all about focus on your company, your products, your customers and your prospects.  Our PageShaping® methodology guides us as we gather requirements for the various elements of your website.  

We'll work with you to find the right balance of information and 'tease', along with a cleanly defined funnel for leading your potential customers to initiate contact.   Let's not overlook that we don't want every visitor to contact you, because every visitor is not really a potential customer, are they?

A good website doesn't under perform, nor does it over perform. 

We deliver results.  

Six Sigma

Our Six Sigma Practice is all about lean manufacturing, elimination of waste, error-proofing, and productivity improvements.  The foundation of Six Sigma is DMAIC, which is Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Six Sigma is all about using production data, with quality data to measure your success rate, define upper and lower control limits, and then manage the process so that the numbers are maintained within an acceptable range.


CIO Services

Don't confuse this offering with those that provide an IT Manager and call it Virtual CIO.  Our CIOs are seasoned, with at least 10 years experience as a full time CIO running a robust IT Organization.

Our CIO Services Practice provides clients with the opportunity to engage a seasoned IT Executive to mentor, guide and supplement their current IT Leadership.  As companies grow, they typically transition though various phases of IT maturity until they reach the point where IT Leadership effectively battles the tactical needs of every day but cannot meet the long term strategic planning needs of the business.  

We can supplement your current IT Talent while we help them grow into the roll you need them to.

If you find yourself in need of temporary IT Leadership while you search for a permanent employee, or if your IT organization is in need of a strategic realignment before you make a new hire, let us explain how we can help.

Collaboration makes sense

Collaboration is really another step in Business optimization

Most of your team has both an office phone and a cell phone.  Do you pay for both?  Do you have a phone system and provide cell phones?  Is that cost effective or just necessary?

You have unlimited or pooled minutes for their cell phones but pay by the minute for land lines. In a power failure, your office phones can’t be answered.   Calls between your cell phones are usually free, but when someone in the office calls one of your cell phones you pay for minutes on the outbound line and consume minutes on the cell phone too.

If you provide cell phones, you have a huge cost for managing them. Those that do not have a company cell phone expense some or all of their bill. Many companies end up paying for family plans without realizing it.

Everyone has at least two voice mail boxes to check. Sometimes callers leave a message on both.