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If you don't have a strategy how do you know if it works?

Web Strategies

A website is a small part of the strategic marketing plan for your organization, but it is very dependent on exposure.  How will people find you?  Should you pay for advertising or PPC (pay per click) on other sites?  How can you get noticed?

There are many ways to raise the visibility of a website, but not all methods are effective for all businesses.  One that is universally agreed on is that you MUST make Google your friend.  Being discovered by the Google Search Engine and included in their search results it important.  Being found on the first page of their results is a coveted status symbol.  

We deliver monthly reports to our clients that review the positions their pages occupy on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and other search engines.  The key to rating is content, and the key to content is expertise.  So ... your site needs to be very effective at demonstrating your expertise.

Thus, a website needs to be so much more than your online catalog. 


Maybe you need more than a basic strategy?  Is it time to get a more sophisticated and serious about your Web Presence?


Shapes and Pages introduces pageSHAPING®

A strategic process for analyzing your web site pages, your advertising, your customers, your competition, their advertising, your marketing outlets and marketing goals … then spinning these together to define the way your web pages need to perform.