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A key to success is following the same process every time

PACE Project Methodology

PACE stands for Plan Activate Control End.

The IT industry is famous for out of control and failed projects.  A very famous paper written in 1995 titled "CHAOS" by The Standish Group, expanded on the concept of Alfred Spector comparing software projects to bridge building.

"Bridges are built on time, on budget and don't fall down."

Software ... not so much.  It's a great article if you ever have the chance to read it.

Project management is intended to reduce risk, but project management isn't enough.  A standardized approach that can be repeated with success is very important. 

We use a methodology called PACE.

  • PLAN - detail what's going to happen, who is going to do it, how long it will take and how we know if it's complete.
  • ACTIVATE - we're done planning ... let's get started
  • CONTROL - carefully watching what's being done in relation to what was planned.  On track?  On time?  Consistent and timely reviews of progress and plan are critical.  Keeping the scope in line with what was planned is a key element to success.
  • END - How did we do?  This final review is crucial for both client and team.

By using a consistent approach to every project, we can be more efficient and you can be more comfortable knowing that we're not going to overlook any of the details.