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Contact Form

Using a bot for a Contact Form

Collect data real time 7x24

Intelligent question tree

Clear communication with Visitor

Sample Contact Form

Two common chatbot Use Cases

Talk to an Expert

Using a bot to qualify and route 7x24

Engage visitor to identify opportunity

Qualify, prioritize and route

Set visitor expectation

Sample Talk to an Expert

Chat vs Bot

Chat is a real person that interacts with website visitors 

  • Effective for Customer Service, especially dealing with orders, shipments and related topics
  • Requires staffing that is either dedicated to it or available for frequent interruption of work
  • Coverage 24x7 is difficult

A bot is machine controlled and leads a visitor through a scripted routine

  • Identifies a visitor's purpose
  • Collects visitor information
  • Routes visitor to a specific person or team for action
  • Able to transfer a visitor to a real person for chat, if an organization is staffed for it  
  • Excellent for replacing contact forms, routing efficiently and improving response time
  • Capable of qualifying a visitor as a lead, and routing them to the sales organization
  • Handles hundreds of simultaneous visitors
  • Always available - 24x7 - website visitors are engaged at their convenience

Bots are configured with a combination of actions:

  • message - display a message to the visitor
  • question - ask a question that is multiple choice, free form or both
  • skill - collect data that will be stored in the contact record
  • branch - choose a path based upon data or visitor response

Bots, especially for lead qualification, must be scripted to convey value to the visitor while determining value to the company.  A bot that greets a visitor with "Hi, may I have your email" is much less effective than a greeting of "Hey, can I tell you about the potential benefits of our custom solutions in the marine industry?"  

Not every website visitor is really a viable prospect, so you don't want everyone's email address or phone number.  

Just the ones that count.

Rough draft of Contact Form script

Rough draft of Talk to an Expert Script